Enplated Framework v3.0 version

Smart Bootstrap loader with many additional features.

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Framework image

Easy Bootstrap loader

Simply load Bootstrap including Bootstrap icons.

For animations, the built-in AOS library can help you. Flash messages is perfect for notifications.

Intuitive additional features

Ease the process of creating modals with intuitive commands.

The Enplated Framework also features the ability to insert your own HTML variables and loading icons.

Framework image
Framework image

Fully prepared for GDPR

Fully supports creating custom rules for GDPR and creating consent confirmation modal.

It also allows consent to be revoked and then modified.

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Enplated Framework has always been used for my internal purposes and for making websites. Unfortunately, developing my own framework takes a lot of time and in some features version 2.0 started to be quite limited.

That's why I started using Bootstrap. Although Bootstrap itself is very good, there are a few things that bothered me about it (inefficient work with modal windows, etc.). So I decided to create a framework that adds by default other features that I had to use in a complicated way and simplify my work.